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MT-830 / Actocardiograph Fetal Monitor

Fetal monitoring anywhere because it is “Portable”

MT-830 fetal monitor is a new portable type fetal monitoring device.
It is easy to carry this cute-looking fetal monitor anywhere whether it is inside or outside of the hospitals/clinics.
MT-830 has a compact design yet with a large capacity battery, long built-in memory, and Wi-Fi function.
It can be used in any situation.

Standard Accessories

  • Y-shaped Doppler & External UC transducer
  • Remote marker switch
  • Personal belt (for Single)
  • Power Supply cable
  • Ultrasound gel
  • NIBP monitor set(MT-832-L/P only)
  • Maternal ECG set(MT-832 L/P only)


  • Compact! Easy to carry around

    As light as approx. 2.5kg, the lightest version only weighs 2.2kg. It can be carried around in and out of hospitals/clinics with 2-hour-long battery.

  • Smooth! With built-in Wi-Fi module

    MT-830 S and P versions include Wi-Fi funtion to connect with in-hospital wireless LAN environment or the internet outside. Anywhere, MT-830 can be connected with central monitoring system.
  • Big screen! Easy to check

    With 10.1 inch big screen, it is easy to see waveforms and easy to operate the CTG. Various ways of numerical and waveform are possible (10 mins/ 15 mins/ 40mins and paper size display).
  • One-stop CTG! All the info stored in one CTG machine

    Various information can be recorded in MT-830 such as internal examination findings, events like baby delivery, and placenta removal right on the spot.
    This recorded info can be transferred to central monitoring systems and OB chart to reduce the work of medical staff members’.

Customer feedback

  • Big screen helps a lot!

    Comparing with the existing model, the screen is much bigger making it very easy to see waveforms.

  • Easy to carry around!

    It is easy to carry around because the device only weighs around 2 kg.

  • I love the look!

    Cute-looking round design suits the atmosphere of Obstetrics department.


  Functions MT-830 Reference
MT-831-L MT-831-S MT-832-L MT-832-P
External tocography
Heart rate:Doppler ultrasound
External UC
Maternal monitoring Non-invasive blood pressure(NIBP)
Arterial oxygen saturation(SpO2)
Pulse rate(by NIBP or SpO2)
Heart rate (by ECG)
Wi-Fi Connection
Print (dedicated printer with a USB port as option is required)
〇:Standard Function △:Available with an optional item


Product spec
  • Medical device approval number or certification number:305AFBZX00029000
  • Product Code
    • MT-831-L:AA0833
    • MT-831-S:AA0834
    • MT-832-L:AA0835
    • MT-832-P:AA0836
  • Dimension/weight
    • 278mm(W)×264mm(H)×145mm(D)
    • MT-831-L/S:2.2kg
    • MT-832-L/P:2.9kg
Options Twin set/Triplets set, Option recorder unit MP-130, SpO2 monitor set(disposable/reusable)

MT-830 Actocardiograph introduction video


  • Please download Owner’s manual from here.                           
  • Please download Catalogue from here.


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