Actocardiograph MT-610

MT-610 is a Highly Considered for Usability & Work Efficiency and Support in the Field of Obstetric Medicine!

<Color LCD>
・Touch Panel Intuitive Operation
・Easy to see even from a distance
・Waveform Display

<Easy to attach>
・Perfectly fit the abdominal wall with the hole distance
・Mini, light and easy to handle transducer

<Equipped with built-in battery and memory functions>
・Built-in battery helps maintain temporary power supply during power outage and maternal transport
・Temporary back-up during shortage of paper & power outage
・Backed-up data print out in a high speed at the time of recovery
・Measured data can be stored up to 6 hours. Can stored also to external memory*2
 *2 TOITU specified external memory (option)

<Smooth connection to central monitor>

■Standard Accessories
・Y-shaped Doppler & External UC transducer TR-687-06
・Remote marker switch (for single) SW-527-01
・Transducer belt (for single)
・Recording paper, color, #0030-026
・Ultrasonic gel
・Power supply cable

・Doppler transducer TR-629-06
・Remote marker switch (for twin) SW-527-02
・Standard cart JC-174
・Multi-cart JC-175
・Twin set[Doppler transducer, transducer belt (for Doppler),remote marker switch (for twin)]
・USB memory
・Analog converter unit [MF-7450]
・TR-30 connection cable
・Lithium ion batteries

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