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Central Fetal Monitoring Software Server/Client

Monitoring by a fetal monitor is absolutely necessary for safe 
delivery nowadays. But a fetal monitor requests doctors or nurses to 
observe always waveform recorded at bedside, otherwise there 
would be the case to fail to notice sudden change of waveforms. 
The Toitu Central Station Monitor makes it possible for you to 
observe waveforms of plural patients on one screen simultaneously 
at a doctor's office or a nurse station. It also informs you of sudden 
unexpected changes of patients with alarms, so that you don't need 
to stay at patient's bed-side who are under observation. 
The Toitu central station Monitor can archive and display max.48 
beds data and waveforms, moreover many external Monitors can be 
plugged in it in order to make it possible that many hospital staff 
can see the same or different data at the same time on different 
monitors and watch plural deliveries which happen simultaneously.

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